Reader Interaction

Why do you ......

Why do you live, work or visit Malvern/Hot Spring County?

Spring is here

The first day of spring was last week. Will you be doing any spring cleaning?

Wintry Mix

On Saturday, March 11 much of Arkansas northern areas saw some winter weather. Some of these ares saw large amounts of snow while others received a wintry mix.
Did you see any winter weather during the weekend?

Warm February

How did you take advantage of the warm February?

Do you have a fav?

What's your favorite Halloween Costume?

How cold is your home

When it's 100 degrees outside what do you keep your thermostat indoors set on?

CWD in Arkansas — are you worried?

For years we've kept it out of our state. Now it's here. Are you worried how Chronic Wasting Disease will affect wildlife in the Natural State?

Separating Lee and MLK

The governor wants legislators to split the combined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert E. Lee holiday. What do you think?

Christmas Memories

What's your favorite Christmas memory.
We are in search of Holiday Memories for a special upcoming section. Leave yours here or drop it off at 219 Locust Street in Malvern or mail it to Holiday Memories c/o MDR, P.O. Box 70, Malvern, AR 72104

Black Friday Shopping

Will you or will you not be Black Friday shopping this year?

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