WWE's Roman Reigns accused of taking steroids by alleged distributor

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

An accused Miami steroid dealer, currently in prison, alleges that WWE’s Roman Reigns was one of his clients. According to Forbes the alleged distributor, Robert Rodriguez, owned a business called Wellness Fitness Nutrition which the DEA raided in February of last year. In addition to Reigns, Rodriguez also names Hollywood stars Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg.

Reigns has previously been accused of breaking the WWE’s wellness policy. In 2016, the WWE surprised fans by suspending Roman Reigns for 30 days over a violation of the wellness policy. The WWE did not say which drug Reigns was accused of taking, but wrestling insiders claim the drug was Adderall, an ADHD medication which is often taken recreationally.

It’s currently unknown what, if any, action the WWE will take against Reigns after these accusations. Currently, Reigns is the defending Intercontinental Champion and most fans are certain the WWE plans for Reigns to win the Royal Rumble match on Sunday, Jan. 28. If true, this puts Reigns in the (likely) main event at WrestleMania on April 8. WrestleMania is the WWE’s most illustrious event of the year and the Royal Rumble is an indispensable kick off to this show.

While the WWE has shown willingness to suspend Reigns in the past, the organization also has a history of refusing to discipline wrestlers who are too high profile or who are scheduled for important events. In 2016, the current Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, tested positive after a UFC match for a substance which reduces the side effects of steroids. Lesner, who already enjoyed high status within the WWE, was suspended for one year by the UFC but received no punishment from the WWE. The reason given by the WWE was that the policies apply to only full-time employees, and Brock Lesnar worked only part time.



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