WWE surprises with last night's PPV

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

So at some point within the last few weeks, I got sucked into a parallel dimension where the only difference is that WWE pays attention to fan feedback and gives us what we want.

First off, we’ve got Bray Wyatt, who won against Seth Rollins at last night's pay per view. (I refuse to say the name). Some have said that this feud was just underwhelming to them and didn’t really catch their interests. I think this is mostly because the fans are still thinking about Wyatt’s aborted World Title reign and the pathetically unsatisfying way the feud with Orton was finished. (Seeing Wyatt get pinned by Reigns probably didn’t help either.)

What finally perked my head up about this feud was the news that the WWE hired a child actor to play a young Bray Wyatt in a promo we haven’t seen yet, and Wyatt gave an on-scene promo as he took a stroll through the desert, delivering one of his monologues as only he can.

I absolutely loved how Wyatt’s early monologues took place in rural locations, showing the woods and the barn he sat in. The newer monologues tended to take place in dark rooms which could easily just be a storage room with the lights turned out. It failed to mystify and showed me that the WWE was not interested in investing much time or money into shooting Bray’s monologues. But this seems to have changed.

For Bray to win against Seth Rollins is a massive clue that the WWE has finally started to heed fan input. Fans complained that it’s hard to take Bray Wyatt seriously because of all of his losses. I’m crossing my fingers that last night’s victory and the renewed interest in cutscenes signal a shift in the way the WWE uses Bray Wyatt.


If I wasn’t so sour on Roman Reigns because of WrestleMania, I’d be cheering for both of these guys from this feud. During earlier feuds, dating back to Braun Strowman’s debut, I honestly really liked how Roman Reigns looked as the underdog.

Matches with Strowman are just brutal. He’ll lift Roman Reigns up in the air and slam him against the side of an ambulance like a rag doll.

WWE Creative must be understanding how good Reigns looks as an underdog, because Strowman is the only one who’s allowed to beat him clean. This is the second time that Strowman’s laid waste to Reigns. (Part of this decision might also be to calm fan rage after WrestleMania. I don’t know what they were expecting, but the fans’ reaction the Monday after WrestleMania had to make them understand they messed up.)

Some have criticized how Roman still had to look strong even after losing. He beat on Strowman, loaded him into the back of the ambulance and drove away. Some commenters have said this diminished the impact of Strowman’s win and just keeps with WWE’s pattern of doing everything they can to make Reigns look strong.

Yeah, but I’ll take it.

Sheamas, Cesaro and The Hardy Boyz.

Not everyone gets Sheamus and Cesaro. Their gimmicks are a little old-school, as are their wrestling styles. But they’re good on the mic and good in the ring.

The Hardy Boyz stand out in a big way. They’ve been legends for about 20 years.

I feel like Sheamus and Cesaro have had to work a little harder to prove themselves than other wrestlers have, but they’ve accomplished that last night. They showed themselves to be the rightful Tag Team Champions.

And although I like The Hardy Boyz, I have to say I’m glad they didn’t get the belts back so soon. I felt it was unfair to the other tag teams that they got the belt as soon as they returned, but they haven’t held it for very long. Sheamus and Cesaro are enjoying a good, solid title reign.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar

I was disappointed that Brock Lesnar retained The Universal Title. Mostly because he’s a part timer and we’re probably not going to see the belt again for several weeks. I may be proven wrong on that (RAW is tonight) but most likely, we’re going to see Paul Hayman come in and announce “My client, Brock Lesnar, is not here tonight. But-“

But even in defeat, Samoa Joe looked so dangerous. He had The Beast on his knees, wide eyed and red in the face before Lesnar pulled it off.

I am definitely a Joe fan.


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