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Gretchen Ritchey, editor

Artistic Style. What’s that?
Artistic Style is a style of a particular artist.
Everyone has their style, even in your daily activities. Ever heard the expression “That has **** name written all over it.” That’s your style. Something that everyone knows you did it when they see it.
In art, artistic style can be in various types of mediums; drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, architecture, sculpture or conceptual art.
Great art masters like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh were known for their artistic style and talent.
I’m still trying to find that style. One would think I would have that figured out by now. Nope, I don’t. Or at least I don’t think I do.
I’m adventurous and like making art of all kinds. When I was in college I couldn’t make up my mind which medium I liked best, so I studied them all. But I’ve always fallen back to my love of drawing.
My next step in my art challenge is to get a studio set up. Something I’ve been yearning to do for a lifetime.
I think about the art I could create if I have a quiet place to sit and work. Maybe I could turn up some Pink Floyd music and let the sound vibes guide my art to the music.
We actually had a project in college of musical vibe guide. It was in my pastel class.
The musical vibe guide project description: make a pastel drawing using a 30 second segment of music. Using your imagination and allowing the music vibes to guide your hands, mind and soul.
Well, it was a pretty cool piece. My sister now has it in her home in Nashville, Tenn. Of course I chose a Pink Floyd song for the class project.
The project was so much fun, I did a second, and of course it was another Pink Floyd song. Can’t remember which ones exactly, I do know that they both came from The Wall album.
I think one was Another Brick In The Wall and maybe In The Flesh.
I should try this project again, it was a lot of fun. Would be something nice to try in a new studio, hint.
Another project we did was a daily drawn dairy. Somewhere I still have one of these. We made seven small boxes. I chose to use long strips, I was taking a photography class at the time and we made test prints using long strips of paper.
We were allowed to use only black and one color. It too was a lot of fun.
Writing about these projects makes me want to do some more of these fun drawings.
These would be some fun sketching projects to do at the sketch club meetings held on the third Thursday of the month at the Malvern-Hot Spring County Library at 202 East Third Street in Malvern. Visit the library’s website www.hsclibrary.arkansas.gov for a full list of events.
For more information about the monthly sketch club meetings call (501) 317-9907 or email ritchey472@icloud.com. Visit my Facebook page Ink, Pencils & Paint.

Gretchen Ritchey is editor of Malvern Daily Record. She can be reached at (501) 337-7523 or mdrecord@sbcglobal.net.


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