The time for change is here

Members of Malvern AR Community Improvement, concluded their community clean-up project Saturday, September 29, 2018. A total of 28 residents took pride in their county by picking up litter along busy streets.
Dana Keener
Staff Writer

Malvern AR Community Improvement (MARCI) held its first community trash pick-up day on Saturday, September 29, 2018. The group, founded by Chris Fields, met early Saturday morning to chart the routes that each team would take through the city of Malvern.
The group covered the areas between Tanner Street, heading north on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, then heading eastward on East Page Avenue, then ending at Perla. In all, the group trekked across the city picking up trash in public areas, covering a total 20 miles throughout the city, including both parks. Fields said that he was pleased that 28 people volunteered for the project. Each volunteer was supplied with heavy duty, 50-gallon trash bags, of which, 45 were filled with trash and other debris. The total of trash removed from the street of Malvern is equivalent to 2,250 gallons, within six hours. “I am so incredibly proud of those that showed up to work. That is exactly what we did, too. The goal of our group is to instill in many, or restore in some, an ownership and pride within our community. Once we begin taking care of and respecting each other, the rest will take care of itself,” said Fields.
The next MARCI community-wide trash pick-up day has not been scheduled at press time. However for more information on how to get involved, search Facebook for Malvern AR Community Improvement.