Teale Dentistry in Malvern: A business that cares for about a healthy smile

Dr. Matt Teale and Dr. Jessi Teale, owners of Teale Dentistry in Malvern.
Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

Owners, Dr. Matt Teale and Dr. Jessi Teale along with their dental staff team are delighted to be working at Teale Dentistry’s new business establishment location in the old Clem’s Bottling Plant building at 937 S. Main Street in Malvern.
Teale Dentistry in Malvern aims to provide all patients with the absolute best quality care in a comfortable environment, and a healthy smile.
The new location of Teale Dentistry has been a blessing for Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessi and the entire dental team staff. The day of the grand opening of Teale Dentistry was an inspiring testimony and Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessi appreciated the support of the community to cherish the special occasion with them.
“Our plan is to utilize our new building to its utmost potential to meet the growing needs of our practice and serve our community with exceptional state of the art dental care. We hope to always make the patient and his or her needs our top priority. We want the dental experience at our office to be as comfortable as possible and to cause as little anxiety for our patients as possible. We hope to be in the Malvern Community for a long time – this is our dental home just as it is our patients’ dental home,” Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessi Teale said.
It’s a awarding feeling to both Dr. Matt and Dr. Jessi to have a business in a small town atmosphere and environment to provide opportunities of dentistry to the community.
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