Task forces team up to focus on substance abuse

Staff Writer

The Bismarck Task Force on Drug Abuse and Addiction is sponsoring a very important Educational Program that will address Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Vaping issues.
Individuals from throughout the County are encouraged to attend, but specifically members of communities in the Bismarck and Ouachita Districts.
The Program will be conducted at the Bismarck School, Monday, November 11, 2019 at 6 p.m.
The Program is as follows:
• Dennis Thornton, Hot Spring County Judge, Presenter
• The Honorable Chris Williams, Circuit Judge, Presenter
• Gary Jennings, CEO, Father’s House Ministry, Presenter
• Susan Hughes, Introduction of Presenter
• Laura Taylor, Arkansas Children’s Hospital
• Brad DePriest, Park Ranger, Panel Moderator
• Comments: Judge Williams
• Closing Remarks: Leon Thornton