Skylar “Sky” Tapp disbarred

Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered Hot Springs attorney Skylar “Sky” Tapp disbarred.
In 2013 the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct filed a petition for Tapp’s disbarment. It alleged that there were more than 40 violations of rules governing the conduct of attorneys in at least six cases.
In 2014 special Judge John Lineberger ordered an interim suspension for Tapp.
Lineberger detailed his findings of cases involving transactions of real estate, divorce proceedings and insurance. Lineberger’s findings were more than 112 pages, where he concluded that disbarment was appropriate.
Tapp made the argument that instead he should be sanctioned in a way that would allow him to eventually resume practice. The judges disagreed with his argument.



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