Noise Alert: Guard to conduct Mortar Training at Camp Robinson

Staff Writer

WHO: Arkansas National Guard instructors from 233rd Regional Training Institute and Soldiers receiving certification for mortar training
WHAT: They will participate in mortar live fire training on ranges at the Post.
WHEN: The training will take place on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, starting at 12 noon, and will run through the night and end just before noon on Wednesday, June 10, 2015
WHERE: The training will take place on the northeast side of Camp Robinson near Cato, and south of Arkansas Hwy. 89.
WHY: The sound of the mortar fire will likely carry outside Camp Robinson’s perimeter and may potentially cause concern in the surrounding area. In addition, the mortar fire will include flare illumination rounds of several colors during night hours. We request media assistance in providing the area surrounding Camp Robinson with a public awareness notice in an effort to ease concern during these periods as to the origin of the explosive noise and the misinterpretation of the lights in the night sky.
Communities in proximity to the training area that may hear or feel effects of the training beyond the borders of the post include: Cato, Mayflower, Runyon Acres, Gravel Ridge, and Oak Grove.
The 233rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute of the Arkansas National Guard prides itself on providing high quality training to ensure its graduates meet the readiness standards of the Army. The day and night targeting certifications ensure that these Soldiers continue to expand the capabilities of the best trained and most highly skilled military in the world.
The Arkansas National Guard understands that some aspects of ongoing military skills training creates disruptive noise and ground vibration concerns. And, as a concerned partner, the Guard labors diligently to keep our neighbors near the post informed when such external effects can be expected.
Through our training, and the continued support of our communities, the Arkansas National Guard can continue to make positive contributions to the safety and security of our state and nation.