New information on death of K9 Unit, Luky

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Hot Spring County Sheriff Mike Cash has provided additional details on the death of the K9 Unit, Luky, who was found dead on July 23.

Luky’s blood was found on his leg when he was found by his handler. Cash said the handler has an alibi. At the time of Luky’s death, the handler was with other people and provided receipts for purchases that prove that. The deputy no longer works with the Sheriff’s Office. Cash can not provide any information on how or why the deputy left (He is not allowed to discuss personnel matters with the media), but Cash said it is not related to Luky’s death.

Luky had food and water. He also had his dog house, a tree for shade and a hanging tarp. The initial theory was that his death was heat related, in spite of the presence of shade and water, but testing carried out by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Lab concluded that heat was not a factor. Luky died of a ruptured diaphragm.

Cash said the most common cause of a ruptured diaphragm in a dog is being hit by a car, but this injury can also happen if the dog was beaten. Cash said Luky was on a leash and could not have gotten to the street from where he was tied.

Cash said there are no suspects and the Sheriff’s Office is still trying to find out who all is involved. Anyone with information is asked to call the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 337-7738.



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