Magic happens when artist get together

Gretchen Ritchey

A dream is coming true for some in Malvern.
I’ve dreamed for many years about forming an art club in Hot Spring County. I’ve been part of the Caddo River Art Guild in Arkadelphia, but it’s been a goal to get one going in Malvern.
Yes, art makes people happy.
A few months ago, Danna Carver told me about a Sketch Club group she found on the Internet. It was very interesting. This group of people go to different places and sketch, sometimes a coffee shop, and other times a park. Well, that group is in New York City, so that’s somewhat different than us here in Hot Spring County.
Danna and I, put our thinking heads together and came up with a plan — I won’t take credit for much, other than writing stories and getting the printed announcement in front of my readers, Danna has been the backbone of this group.
On Thursday, March 15 the group met for the first time at the Malvern-HSC Library from 5 to 7 p.m. There were 15 in attendance, which occupied all the available chairs and table space. There were a few in the group that I knew from previous art stuff at the library and some I knew but never knew they enjoyed making art. Others tried it for the first time and were surprised at what they created.
The meeting was very informal and we all enjoyed seeing what others in the group had drawn.
I began working on a drawing of my 4-year-old niece a couple weeks ago. I’ve never really done much with people. But I really like the candid pose I photographed her in — sitting on the couch looking at a phone. I was struggling with her face but I found myself drawing shapes not fingers, noses or lips. And, wow it looks like her.
That moment when you’re proud of what you’ve done is a great feeling. So I’m going to complete this drawing in large format and hopefully enter it in the upcoming MNB Art Show in April.
Yes, I know. I need to get busy.
I’ve got a few more photos of her I took on my last visit that may also find their way onto a piece of paper or canvas.
But don’t fret, if I don’t find the time to create an Ava masterpiece I have a backup, the white jonquil painted on place canvas.
Thursday, I found that I felt more creative among other artist, young and old. My friend Dara, brought her great niece and great nephew with her. The duo both enjoy art and making art, and they are very good at it. She is 11 and he is 9. I hope they both continue to use their artistic talents.
The Sketch Club will meet again on the third Thursday of April (April 19) at the Malvern-HSC Library from 5 to 7 p.m. Hope to see all you artists there.

Gretchen Ritchey is the editor of the Malvern Daily Record. She can be reached at (501) 337-7523 or


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