Local author publishes second book The Reversal "Switch"

Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

Hometown native and resident of Malvern, Ronald Joseph Vaden, a profound local author has recently published his second book called, The Reversal "Switch". Vaden's second publication is a spiritual short story. The Reversal is a journey that will take you back into time. You will be in someone else's shoes, a journey which you will not soon forget. This book has a very powerful message, and a must read book.
Since this is Vaden's second book that he has written and published, his first publication was "The Poetry All Natural. This is Vaden's first attempt at writing a fictional short story. He's known for having a passion for writing with a great imagination. Stated on the back cover of the book—One who just enjoys writing and has a vast emagination—urban dictionary.
The book is now available on Amazon.com—just type in the search The Reversal by Ronald Vaden. Vaden’s first book “Poetry All Natural” is also available aton amazon.com.
BOOK DESCRIPTION—After watching the Stars on June 26, 1999 life will never be the same for this amateur astronomer he will encounter a stone that will have a great effect on his life as well as the life of others. This is a journey into the past which he will take on a mysterious mission that even he can't quite understand.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: [Ronald] Vaden the son of Corredur and late Wilmon Vaden, and brother of Jackie Vaden and the late Rickie Vaden, was born in Malvern and attended school in Malvern—Starting with Tuggle Elementary and three years at Wilson High, a graduate of the class of 1971 at Malvern Sr. High School. He later joined the U.S. Navy for six years and in the same period graduated from Arkansas College of Engineering. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad, and years later returned to Malvern where he now resides. He is the father of six children—four girls and two boys. He is a Deacon at the Greater New Hope Baptist Church and member of the male chorus and senior adult choir. For the past 16 years, he has been employed with the Union Pacific Railroad as a Communication Engineer.