The journey, purpose to save Malvern Rosenwald Tuggle School

Pictured, the current overall view of areas needing restored, repair and reconstructed inside and outside of the historic Malvern Rosenwald Tuggle School located 836 Acme Street in Malvern.
Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

Ready to take an extraordinary journey to save a significant part of history in Malvern, the Malvern Tuggle Restoration Organization (MTRO) is striving to restore the Malvern Tuggle Rosenwald School located at 836 Acme Street. Because of the Tuggle school’s significance and historic background, astonishing individuals of Malvern have embraced the opportunity to restore the school. It’s a long-term goal and effort to achieve, but the MTRO has made it their mission and purpose to restore, reconstruct and repair the landmark Tuggle School in Malvern.
The school is the only remaining Rosenwald School in Hot Spring County. The school named for teacher Mrs. Sophronia Tuggle is a reminder of the philanthropic legacy of Julius Rosenwald. A Rosenwald school was any of the more than five thousand schools, shops, and teacher homes in the United States that were built primarily for education of African-American children in the South during the early twentieth century. The project was the product of the partnership of [Julius] Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington.
In some communities, surviving structures have been preserved because of the deep meaning they had for African Americans as symbols of the dedication of its leaders and community education.
Preserve Arkansas announced its 2019 List of Arkansas’s Most Endangered Places on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at the Mosaic Templars in Little Rock. The 2019 announcement marked the 20th anniversary of the Most Endangered Places list in Arkansas. The Malvern Rosenwald Tuggle School was included on the 2019 List of Arkansas’s Most Endangered Places. Being on the Endangered List as well as listed on the National Register of Historic Places will enable a process to proceed to renovate the Tuggle School building for more opportunities to acquire grants to help with the renovation funding.
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