It's time to break the pattern with Bray Wyatt

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

At the end of RAW last night, I was saying, “OK, this isn’t bad.”

Bray Wyatt looked very good at the end of RAW last night. If the WWE gives us more like that, I might just forgive them for that fiasco of Wyatt losing his belt after one month and advancing is 0-3 WrestleMania streak.

But there is a serious problem: a pattern that commenters and fans have been noticing for a long time. The WWE likes to build Bray Wyatt up, make him look really good, and then knock him down anti-climactically. Basically, the pattern is that Wyatt wins the battle but loses the war.

This pattern has done damage to Bray Wyatt’s credibility. The fans like how he looks now, but they’re expecting him to eat the pin when the match really matters. I think this has dampened crowd reactions for Wyatt; two years ago the fans were clapping along to his entrance music and singing during his matches. Today’s reactions are still good, but restrained. The fans are having fun and enjoying the show, but they don’t think this latest “push” for Bray Wyatt is going to go anywhere.

The damage to Bray Wyatt’s credibility can be fixed, though, and I hope someone in WWE’s creative team is thinking about that. One recent change indicates that they might be.

Bray Wyatt’s upcoming House of Horror Match against Randy Orton was originally booked as a World Title match. Because of circumstances with Bray Wyatt’s moving to RAW from SMACKDOWN, that would have meant there was no possibility of Bray Wyatt winning that match. But all references to HoH being a World Title match have been removed from the WWE website and it’s now booked as a non-title match, meaning Wyatt can win.

This means someone on the creative team has been paying attention to fan reactions. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve changed their minds and will make Wyatt the winner, it could just mean that they want the fans to be surprised when he loses again. But it is a RAW pay per view with a revenge theme, so I find it likely that Bray Wyatt will win.

Even if that’s the case, WWE Creative still has to change its pattern. No more throwing Bray Wyatt and his fans a bone here and there; if they seriously want Bray Wyatt to be a monster heel, then they need to get serious about his booking. They are going to have to start putting Wyatt in more pay per view main events, and he’s going to have to start winning more.


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