Free Clothes Closet offers assistance to Malvern community

Margie Pye, volunteer; Paula Younger, Director, and Joyce Loyd, Assistant Director, take pride in their work at the Calvary Baptist Free Clothes Closet, offering assistance to citizens of Malvern needing new clothes. The Clothes Closet is located at 1267 Ford Drive in Malvern.
Staff Writer

For the 13th year, Calvary Baptist Church is offering free clothes to the public with their Free Clothes Closet. However, this year, they have a new building dedicated to the cause.
The Director of the Clothes Closet, Paula Younger, said that in previous years, they have been in a trailer, but got permission from the church to move their new clothes closet into its own building.
The building was completed in April of this year, and since then, the volunteers have grown to assist around 12-15 families every day, and about 100 families a month.
Younger explained that the closet is “free to anyone, as many times as they need.” The staff prefers families visit once a month, but if they need to come more than that, they are welcome.
Calvary Baptist’s Free Clothes Closet has been very well received by the community. Younger said that “Most families don’t take advantage of the closet. They just take what they need.”
There are five workers at the Free Clothes Closet, including Younger and the Assistant Director Joyce Loyd, as well as volunteers Margie Pye, Arlean Edwards, and Annie Howard.
The cause is always looking for donations. They accept all sizes of both adult and children’s clothes, shoes, bedding, purses, and coats.
Younger does ask that donations be clean and smoke-free if possible.
Donations can be dropped off in front of the building, on the porch.
The Calvary Baptist Free Clothes Closet is located at 1267 Ford Dr, Malvern, AR 72104, and they appreciate all donations made.


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