The fans have a few feelings about Roman Reigns

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

I have to wonder what reaction they were expecting after Roman Reigns retired The Undertaker. Even if it was The Undertaker’s idea, they must have known the heat against Roman Reigns would go nuclear.

Well, I’m not sure they did realize that.

During the match, you could see Reigns and Undertaker talking to each other. It brought to mind when Shawn Michaels mouthed the words “I’m sorry” before super-kicking Ric Flair to retire him.

Could the WWE have expected the same reaction? Did they think the fans would leave saying, “That was just beautiful?”

They seem to still be living under the delusion that Roman Reigns will be a fan favorite sooner or later. And it seems they’re already looking to put the belt back on him, or at least to put him in the Universal Title picture, because the current champion, Brock Lesnar, issued a challenge against Reigns on Monday.

The Hardy Boys verses Gallows and Anderson

Everyone and their dog was buzzing over the return of The Hardy Boys. Even when the crowd was jeering Roman Reigns, they took a few moments to chant “Delete! Delete! Delete!” which was the Hardy Boys’ catch phrase while they were wrestling with that other industry (TNA? I don’t remember.)

I don’t know how in the world The Hardy Boys are still in such great wrestling shape. They’ve been doing this since 1993 and they’re completely reckless with their bodies. They ought to be walking around on canes right now, but they’re still jumping off the tops of ladders.

Last night’s match was as good as you’d expect. Gallows and Anderson are great standard bruisers and The Hardy Boys are high flyers.

The Hardy Boys retained the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Vince McMahon

Now how did the same crowd, which seemed about to riot when Roman Reigns stepped out, turn around and cheer Vince McMahon? As much as I dislike Roman, the reason for my dislike of Roman is mostly because of the booking decisions by Vince McMahon. If WrestleMania wasn’t The Undertaker’s idea, there’s only one other person it could be and it’s not Roman Reigns.

But anyway, McMahon announced Kurt Angle as the new RAW general manager. The crowd’s little “sing along” with his entrance music is an example of the playful jeering that Vince thinks is happening with Roman Reigns.

McMahon also announced a “shake up” on the rosters. Next week, some wrestlers are going to be traded between SMACKDOWN and RAW.

This also shook up my predictions for the next pay per views. There are a million ways this can go now.

The New Day verses The Revival

The Revival made its debut from NXT. I’ve never been able to see NXT so I don’t know these guys, but judging by the crowd reactions, they’re pretty popular.

The New Day ate the pin. Judging from the brutal attack from The Revival afterwards, this is probably going to start a feud.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe

Why didn’t Finn Balor return at WrestleMania? I have no idea. But Balor returned Monday as a surprise tag team partner for Seth Rollins, the guy who put him out for several months with a shoulder injury.

Rollins was a heel at the time and gloated on RAW afterwards, but he’s made a face-turn since then. There are a lot of people who can just let a grudge go under the right circumstances.

I haven’t been able to see much of Finn Balor, but I’m loving him in the ring already. He can jump around and kick like a video game character. There’s just something unique about how he does it.

And speaking of kicks, look at Samoa Joe! I was impressed with Kevin Owens ability to fire off quick kicks, but for a guy the size of Samoa Joe to pull off an enzuigiri kick is just frickin’ awesome.


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