COVID-19 affects seniors’ season

Magnet Cove senior Hailey Rimmer goes up to bat during a 2019 Lady Panthers softball game. The Lady Panthers 2020 softball season was postponed due to concerns about  COVID-19.
Alexis Meeks
Sports Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled many events, including high school spring sports. While many athletes are staying hopeful the season will resume once school is back in session, others fear that they might have played their last game for the 2020 season.
For some senior athletes their journey on the field isn’t over as they will continue their athletic career in college. But for many senior athletes, this season marked their last time to perform for their school, fans, family and friends.
Hailey Rimmer is a senior at Magnet Cove High School and plays for the Lady Panthers softball team. For Rimmer, this season marked her last with the Lady Panthers. “I am not happy about postponing the softball season,” Rimmer said. “This was my last year to play and after this I will never play a real game again.”
The Lady Panthers played in three road games before the postponement of the 2020 season and went 2-1. “We got to play three games and we didn’t even get to play a home game,” Rimmer said. “We probably won’t get a senior night and we will probably never play in a home game again.”
Rimmer is doing what she can to stay in softball mode in case the season does resume. She says that she is practicing hitting while at home and also doing field work. “Everywhere is closed down, so I can only do so much,” she said.
COVID-19 isn’t just affecting Rimmer’s softball season, but also the final months of her senior year at Magnet Cove. She said she is okay with missing classes, but that she misses her friends and the experience of senior year. “I feel depressed,” Rimmer said. “This was supposed to be my last year to hang out with friends, stay out late and have fun before I went into the real world.”
With school being out of session, Rimmer says she spends her days doing school work and watching a lot of Netflix and Disney+. “I’m just praying that we will at least have a prom or a graduation cause everything else has been canceled,” she said.
Magnet Cove’s prom was originally scheduled for April 3 and has been rescheduled for May 1. Graduation is currently scheduled for May 15 at the Magnet Cove Arena.