Coach Plumlee speaks Leopards

Alexis Meeks
Sports Editor

Malvern Head Football Coach J. D. Plumlee spoke to the Malvern Lions Club during their weekly meeting on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.
Coach Plumlee spoke about how far the team has come since he took over as the head football coach. He began by saying that some players haven’t made it since January, because they didn’t have the same vision as the rest of the team. “We’ve had to let go of some folks,” Coach Plumlee said, “I hate doing it, that’s the toughest part of my job. That’s the night that I don’t sleep.” Whether on the team or not, Coach Plumlee and his staff are going to exhaust all efforts to help the young men.
Coach Plumlee has a pyramid called the Work Characteristics of a Three Percenter. He said these pyramids are posted everywhere and given to all the players. A person who is a part of the three percent is a special person, they’re the winners, heroes, and problem seekers. Coach Plumlee said that not everyone is a three percenter, that even he isn’t in the three percent, so he is challenging his players to be in the 10 percent. The people in the 10 percent are difference makers, uncommon people, goal setters, and problem solvers. A person in the 10 percent smiles at adversity, their goal is to achieve a game plan, they are very conscious of performance, they aspire to get better, they’re never satisfied, and they want to be special. “If you can do that spiritually, academically, athletically and socially, you’re going to be successful,” Coach Plumlee said.
Coach Plumlee then spoke about the people in the 60 percent and in the 27 percent. People in the 27 percent won’t make it, they are the trouble maker group. The people in the 60 percent are the average group, they make no difference. These people are the ones that when a problem comes along they hide and hope that it will go away, they are the moaners and complainers, and do nothing to change their circumstances.
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