Civilians in Aleppo desperate to be evacuated

The Associated Press
Staff Writer

Doctors Without Borders says the remaining doctors in the square mile of eastern Aleppo under attack are "terrified" of possible retaliation from pro-government forces and, more than anything, want to be evacuated.

Teresa Sancristoval, the head of the emergency unit for Aleppo with Doctors Without Borders, said the doctors who are regularly in touch with her group "feel abandoned to their fate and with no way out."

A cease-fire designed to allow for the evacuation of civilians and rebels crumbled Wednesday as government bombing resumed. Doctors in the besieged strip have already been overwhelmed, and only one health facility remains operational. Rescuers say bodies and wounded are being left on the streets because of the intensity of the attack.

"People are losing any kind of hope," she said.


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