Church members work together after storm

Staff Writer

James Green, pastor at New Beginnings Baptist Church, along with other members of the church came together Monday to help clear fallen trees from Ridge Road after Sunday's storm.

Green said that he and six other members of the church used their own equipment to clear about 20 trees that had fallen.
“Some of the trees were massive,” Green said.

He got the idea to help clear the road after he heard that farmers who had fields on the road were unable to get to the fields or their livestock. Green said that members of the church also lived on the road but that the efforts helped members and non-members of the church.
“It was nice seeing people come together for God,” Green said.

In addition to clearing the road, Green said that they also fed 60 families Monday. New Beginnings Baptist Church has also been providing 250 meals a week for the past four weeks due to the COVID-19 virus.

According to Hot Spring County Judge Dennis Thornton many people continuing cleaning up storm damage Tuesday.
The “tremendous” damaged was caused by straight line winds during the storm and not a tornado, Thornton said.

There have not been any reported injuries or fatalities as a result of the storm.
Following the storm, more than 10,000 residents were out of power and 15 people called 911 for storm damage, he said.

Thornton said that residents are working to return to the new normal during the COVID-19 outbreak.
“Hot Spring County is resilient,” Thornton said adding that residents has gotten through difficult times and will do so again.