Celebrate Freedom on July 4th in Malvern

Gretchen Ritchey

Lifepoint Community Church located at 25741 Highway 67, Malvern will host Celebrate Freedom on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Celebrate Freedom is now in its second year.
The event will begin at 7 p.m. with a free fish fry and hot dogs. There will also be a 57 foot obstacle course for children and baggo.
The evening will close with approximately 20 minutes of fireworks by USA Fireworks beginning at 9 p.m.
“Celebrate Freedom is focused on celebrating the gift of living with freedom in the United States,” said Lifepoint pastor Rick McClure.
On Monday, May 14, 2018, the Malvern City Council adopted an ordinance to repeal a previous ordinance and allow the City of Malvern to provide for the limited use and sale of fireworks within the city limits of Malvern.
For public displays the ordinance states “Public Display- Any event that includes special fireworks which means all articles that are classified as Class B explosives in the regulations of the Interstate Commerce Commission and shall include all articles other than those classified as Class C but shall not include such dangerous items of commercial fireworks as cherry bombs, tubular salutes repeating bombs, aerial bombs, torpedoes, and fireworks containing more than 50mg of explosive powder.”
According to the ordinance the city will regulate the sale of fireworks. A permit, in lieu of a privilege license must be purchased for $100 per year per fireworks stand that is selling fireworks at approved locations in the city of Malvern. The permit will be imposed to the owners, operators, lessors or upon their agents and receivers.
Permit fee funds will be applied to the fire/code enforcement budget. Permit fees must be paid before the first day of June each year.
Sale of fireworks will be allowed twice per year, the Fourth of July Holiday season, June 20 to July 10 and New Year’s Holiday season, Dec. 10 to Jan. 5. Arkansas State Law prohibits the sale of fireworks to children under 12 years of age or any person known to be intoxicated.
Use of fireworks will also be allowed during the above dates from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fireworks may only be discharged on private property of the owner or with owner’s permission.
Individuals, firms or others who discharge fireworks under the new ordinance are required use responsibility and clean up the discharged site or property that fireworks were discharged or those where they landed.
Fireworks are prohibited from being discharged (with exception to city sponsored display) within the boundaries of or within 300 feet of a public park owned and maintained by the city of Malvern or any other city owned property. Fireworks are not to be discharged within 100 feet of any hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility. Fireworks are prohibited from being discharged under a motor vehicle, moving or not, or within 300 feet of any fireworks stand, gas, oil or propane facility.
Fireworks will not be allowed during droughts, when the city has been placed under a burn ban or the fire chief feels it necessary to ban the use of.
The Malvern Police Department, The Malvern Fire Department and Malvern Code Enforcement Office will enforce rules and regulations of this ordinance. Violation fines begin at $100.


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