CADC to distribute emergency food boxes Friday

Gerren Smith
Staff Writer

Central Arkansas Development Council is providing services of food and for individuals and families in the community in this time of need during the coronavirus outbreak across the nation. For the month of May, CADC has announce its agency is holding a emergency food distribution program to distribute boxes of food in their 19 county service areas.

CADC will be distributing 10,000 food boxes that contains more than 50 pounds of food, including meat, beans, vegetables, and fruit. These boxes will also include essential household items such as toilet paper. CADC hopes that by holding this distribution, it can alleviate some of the uncertainties many in the community are currently facing at this time.
CADC Chief Executive Officer Randy Morris, has emphasized about how exciting this program is and how it will assist several families during this difficult time worldwide. On behalf of CADC, Morris was enthused to announce that May is Emergency Food Distribution month and CADC service will continue to benefit many families in the community.

"It is a program that is going to help individuals. We here at CADC know that a lot of people are struggling right now with this COVID-19 pandemic that is going on. People are struggling, being laid off and they need this food," Morris said.
He added, "We feel like it is our duty to help—it meets the mission of CADC to help these individuals with this."

May 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., CADC will be distributing emergency food boxes for families in Hot Spring County at Arkansas State University Three Rivers—located at 1 College Circle in Malvern.
This is first come —first serve basis only.

CADC officials request that everyone remain in their cars when coming to receive a box. Also the truck in each vehicle must be cleaned out as workers will be placing boxes in vehicles.
In order to receive a box, individuals must have a ID. If anyone is picking up a box for someone else, they must have their ID and are only able to receive one box per household. Also families must be income eligible to receive a box.

"As a community action agency, we recognize that its our duty to listen to those in our communities and provide them with the services they need," CADC stated.
Central Arkansas Development Council is a private nonprofit community action agency operating in 19 counties in the state of Arkansas. CADC is a local force in the War on Poverty providing a hand-up, promoting self-help in our neighborhoods and for our families— committed to providing opportunities for empowerment for individuals, families and communities.

For more information and to contact the CADC office, visit the agency's website at for dates and locations that food boxes will be distributed during the month of May.