Black Panther available as DLC for Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

Ultron and Sigma, characters from Marvel and Capcom’s universes, have merged forms to create Ultron Sigma, a super being who plans to unleash a virus that will destroy all organic life.

In Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite, warriors from both of these franchises battle it out in a fighting game to defeat Ultron Sigma and save the world.

This latest installment in the long-running Marvel VS. Capcom series is availble now on Windows 10 and Xbox One and offers several different playing modes. In the standard arcade mode, the player competes in a tournament style ladder of one-on-one battles until the final confrontation with Ultron Sigma.

Players can also put their favorite characters in teams for a story mode to take down Ultron Sigma. Or, in mission mode, players can complete a 10-mission tutorial to help them learn controls, special moves and combos. Players can further hone these skills in training mode.

Multiplayer options include ranking matches, casual matches or a beginners league for newbies.

The game includes a large roster, but some characters must be purchased individually as download content (DLC) or by purchasing the 2017 season pass. These DLC characters include Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Venom, Black Widow, Monster Hunter and Sigma.


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