Beaves sail away from Mayflower with win

Gretchen Ritchey

The Glen Rose Beavers traveled to Mayflower on Friday, October 4, 2019 for their second week of conference play at the Mayflower Eagles.
The Beavers were victorious over the Eagles to return home with sails high and proud.
In the first quarter the Beavers scored two touchdowns and PATs.
At 3:48 on the clock, Wesley Launius completed a 7-yard pass to Noah Wright that led to a touchdown with a good PAT. Launius then completed a 65-yard pass to Matthew Clark with a good PAT to bring the score to 14-0 to end the first quarter.
When the second quarter began the Beavers saw a score of 14-0 and continued their advantage over the Eagles with 8 minutes to go when Launius ran for 12-yards to score another touchdown to bring the score to 20-0. Glen Rose missed the PAT.
The Eagle’s responded to Glen Rose’s three touchdowns and PAT scores with one of their own with 6 minutes to go in the first half. Mayflower attempted a 2 point conversion but failed, for a score of 20-6.
With under 1 minute left in the first half, Glen Rose’s Colby Steed intercepted the ball and scored on a 64-yard return. After a good PAT the Beavers lead Mayflower 27-6 with 51 seconds left in the second.
Glen Rose immediately scored another touchdown with a pass completed by Launius to Jace Cheatham to bring the score to 35-6 with 19 seconds in the first half. Glen Rose’s Gavin Chaney rushed and completed a 2 point conversion, ending the first half at 35-6.
The second half of the game was short. The sportsmanship rule was called in the third quarter. Matthew Clark scored the final touchdown and the PAT was good with 11 minutes left of play in the third quarter.
There were no points scored in the fourth quarter of play ending the game with a Beaver win and final score of 42-6.