6 COVID-19 cases in Hot Spring County

Staff Writer

County Judge Dennis Thornton announced today that there are six case of coronavirus, COVID-19, in Hot Spring County.
To respect people’s privacy and in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, specific information about where these case are located cannot be released, Thornton said.

He encouraged residents to stay calm and listen to guidance given by local, state and federal officials.
“We will get through this,” Thorton said.

He gives these recommendations:
•Frequent handwashing with warm soap and water.
• Wipe surfaces frequently with cleaners such as bleach, Lysol, Clorox wipes or other approved cleaners.
• Social distancing–Keep 6 feet from others and avoid crowded areas or public events. Staying at home really impacts the spread of a virus.
• Go out of the home for essentials only (food, prescriptions, work).
•Stay at home if you feel sick. Cover coughs and sneezes.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, there are 473 positive cases across the state. There have been seven deaths.

More than 5,700 people have been tested for the virus.
Six percent of positive case are females.
Sixty-two people with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized and 21 people are on ventilators.