“Life is Strange” taught me to appreciate the present

Carissa Richetti
Guest Columnist

I’ve never been much of a video game person, until now. Every once in a while, I played the Wii but I was nowhere near understanding the appeal of a virtual reality when I had the whole real world to explore. I held off on playing because I knew there are better ways to spend my time in college by bettering myself. Finally, I decided that I was feeling too depressed and needed some gaming to lighten up.

My friend introduced me to “Life is Strange” and with a knowledge of what it was I started with it first. I was hooked from Episode 1. I loved the idea of altering the past, which in turn affected the present and future.

Usually I think of my days as the same old thing every week; most people have a routine that causes them to feel stagnant after a while. This game reminded me that not every day is going to be so repetitive and I should be happy with predictability sometimes, while other times it is ok to get involved in the world around you.

I thought a lot about how if my life were a video game, it would be boring. I don’t engage enough with the outside world; and I had already known that, but this game helped me solidify it and make more of an effort to take action in my own life instead of letting life events act on me.

By the end of the game I was attached to the characters and felt like they had taught me how to appreciate the life I have. There is nothing wrong with making peace with the present, and there is nothing wrong with changing the future, even if it seems scary to leave your comfort zone…who was it that said life begins at the end of your comfort zone? They were right.