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Should HSC be a wet county?

The recent poll got a huge amount of feedback, so tell us your thoughts? Should HSC be a wet county? Why or why not?

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**Opinion** Attack on Net Neutrality is political censorship

The Federal Censorship Commission is making a grab for power. Ajit Pai, the new FCC chairman hand-picked by Trump, put forth a plan to end Net Neutrality and the FCC voted this plan forward on May 18. Pai, appointed by Trump in January, has already abused his office in an attempt to censor the opposition. After comedian Stephen Colbert made a vulgar joke at Donald Trump’s expense, Pai announced that the FCC would investigate the comedian.

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Weekend plans?

Do yo have plans to visit a local waterway this weekend?

Chronic Wasting

Since chronic wasting is in Arkansas now, does this make you think twice about consuming deer meat?

Weekend plans?

It's Friday — what's your weekend plans?

How do you like your ———

Do you prefer your chicken — fried, grilled, BBQ?

Who's your fav

Who's your favorite actor?

Will you help collect ticks?

The U of A Department of Agriculture is asking for the public to help collect ticks for testing of diseases in Arkansas. Will you help?

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