Tresurer of State Dennis Milligan found not guilty in lawsuit

Press Release
Staff Writer

Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan issued the following statement regarding the verdict in the wrongful termination suit against him:

“We’re pleased with the decision the jury made today with regard to the untruthful allegation that we terminated Mr. Singer based on a perceived disability. Since the beginning of this lawsuit, we’ve been faced with numerous false accusations against me and the State of Arkansas, and we have been vindicated each time. As we’ve known all along, these are all just lies created in order to smear my record.

“To insinuate that we terminated this individual for reasons other than the fact that he repeatedly did not do the jobs he was asked to do, is ridiculous and quite frankly, appalling. We do not and will not discriminate against people with disabilities in our office.

“I hope that we can all move past this now and quit wasting so much taxpayer money and time on frivolous legal claims such as this.

“Our main priority has and will continue to be to earn the state the most returns on its investments. I pray that we can remain focused our efforts on the job that the people of Arkansas elected us to do.”


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