Last SMACKDOWN was Bray Wyatt's best moment so far

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

It looks like AJ Styles is going to Wrestlemania. I was disappointed that it wasn’t Luke Harper, but I get it. AJ Styles is just so good.

And that leads up to the ending promo with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. After I saw this, I immediately forgot almost everything else I saw on that episode of SMACKDOWN. Bray Wyatt is a great actor who has done so many great promos. So when I say that the Feb. 28 SMACKDOWN was probably the most intense moment of his career, that’s saying a lot.

Even though he’s a heel, it was just heartbreaking to see him on his hands and knees yelling “Please, Randy!” while Orton was getting ready to burn down his childhood home and Sister Abigail’s resting place. This will go down as one of my all-time favorite WWE moments.

So there’s no way that Wyatt doesn’t feud with Orton after that, but how does this fit in to Wrestlemania when Wyatt’s opponent is AJ Styles? Well, there will be outside interference in that match. There are just too many people involved in this storyline for it not to end that way.

Orton is obvious. He’ll likely try and help Styles unless they just shoe horn in an excuse that Orton wants to win the title from Wyatt himself.

Luke Harper I see as a bit of a wild card. He’s been feuding with Bray, but the rift was caused by Orton. And since Harper, storyline-wise, was also a follower of Sister Abigail, I can see him going back to The Wyatt Family to help Wyatt retain and go after Orton. A part of me sort of hopes this doesn’t happen. Although I like The Wyatt Family together, I really want to see more of Harper in singles competition. Last night was another great match between him and AJ Styles and although he didn’t win the big one this time, he’s clearly over with the fans as a singles performer.

And there’s another guy we haven’t seen in a while. The wrestling rumor sites are blowing up with claims that Erick Rowan has been cleared to return to the ring after his shoulder injury. Rowan was a loyal Wyatt Family member before he got hurt, but he’s been gone a good while and WWE Creative might be going somewhere else with him now.

So after Wrestlemania, it’s almost definitely going to be a feud between Wyatt and Orton. After SMACKDOWN last night, I don’t see any other way. The question is will it be a World Title feud?

I’m hoping yes.

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