Goldberg's lost his mojo

Joshua Waddles
Staff Writer

I love Goldberg, don’t get me wrong on that. I still love Goldberg.

In hindsight, he was never super great in the ring. Goldberg became a legend during a time when fans placed a little more value on hype than they do now, hence the constant failure of Roman Reigns to get over.

But even so, it was really something to watch Goldberg smash through the competition like a wrecking ball back in the day, during WCW’s golden age. He was WCW’s best guy. So when WCW jumped the shark, sank faster than the Titanic and got purchased by WWE, Vince McMahon very much enjoyed turning Goldberg into a jobber. So Goldberg left for 12 years, only to come back recently.

After giving us some of the greatest moments in wrestling history, and after his horrible treatment by WWE, I have absolutely no problem with the WWE putting the belt on him one more time before he retires. I don’t even mind that he beat Kevin Owens, one of my favorites for the Universal Title Belt. Owens had a great title reign, after all.

But there’s just one huge problem: Goldberg doesn’t have it anymore.

When he first returned, he had a little scuffle with Rusev. Goldberg tripped over his own feet and fell, making it very hard for Rusev to let him win.

I can only think that Goldberg’s ring rust was the reason they let him beat Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes. Lesner is probably the best in-ring performer that the WWE has, despite the fact that he’s a part timer. Any match with Lesnar should be an epic battle of the titans, so for the WWE to just let Goldberg squash Lesner like that, I can only think it’s because he’s gotten so rusty that they didn’t want him on display for a long match.

I was hoping Goldberg would shake that off. He’s had three months to train, but they let him beat Kevin Owens in 22 seconds. I have to think it's because he never got it back.

And this is bad news for Wrestlemania. If I’m right and they’re doing that because Goldberg just can’t put on a match anymore, then what does that say for the biggest pay-per-view of the year being headlined by Goldberg verses Lesnar?

I think it’s going to be painful to watch. But even so, he’s still Goldberg and he’s about to retire very soon.And hopefully Kevin Owens will reclaim that Universal Title very soon.


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