Abandoned pesticide disposal dates set

Gretchen Ritchey

Producers in Hot Spring County with unwanted or outdated unused pesticides will have the opportunity to dispose of those products during the Abandoned Pesticide Program. The following locations and dates have been designated for the program:
• Wednesday, March 15 pesticides may be disposed of at the Saline County Fairgrounds in Benton.
• Thursday, March 16 pesticides may be disposed of at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Arkadelphia.
• Friday, March 17 pesticides may be disposed of at the at the Garland County Fairgrounds in Hot Springs.
• Monday, March 20 pesticides may be disposed of at the Grant County Fairgrounds in Sheridan.
Producers are allowed to drop off pesticides at any location.
The pesticide collection is free. It is sponsored by the Arkansas Abandoned Pesticide Trust Fund.
Products accepted during the collection are outdated, discontinued or unwanted agricultural pesticides. Products may include older pesticides, which are may be more toxic, such as DDT, silvex, arsenicals, heptachlor, lindane, dieldrin and toxaphene.
Many of toxic pesticides cannot legally used today or disposed of in landfills.
This program of collecting these pesticides will help keep toxins they produce from contaminating drinking water for human and animal as well as preventing the toxins from entering into streams or lakes.
Pesticide collections like this have brought in more than 771,000 pounds of unwanted materials from 66 counties.
Those wanting to drop off unwanted pesticides please contact Marla at the Hot Spring County Farm Bureau office at (501) 332-5086 to pre-register. Any identifying information, such as name and address, will be removed from the registration from to protect individual privacy.
For safety information when transporting items for drop off contact Rachel Bearden at the Hot Spring County Cooperative Extension Office at (501) 332-5267. For large amounts of pesticides or unsafe to haul items please call for information.



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